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Release Date:
Rating: 8.3
Directed by
Alfred Gough
Written by
Miles Millar, Anna Todd
Based on
Jenna Ortega, Gwendoline Christie, Riki Lindhome, Jamie McShane, Hunter Doohan, Percy Hynes White, Emma Myers, Joy Sunday, Georgie Farmer, Naomi J. Ogawa, Christina Ricci, Johnna Dias-Watson, Oliver Watson, Victor Dorobantu, Moosa Mostafa
Germany, United States of America, United Kingdom
MGM Television, Millar Gough Ink, Tee and Charles Addams Foundation
English, Français, Polski, Deutsch, svenska, Español, Pусский, български език, Italiano, Português, ozbek, 한국어/조선말, Slovenčina, ελληνικά, Український, Magyar, עִבְרִית, Nederlands, 普通话, Português, ქართული

Wednesday,Addams the dance sequence from the cult Netflix series is being shown all over the world, though in a different manner and with a few changes due to (or due to) TikTok..

How to watch Wednesday (2022) Full Movie Wednesday TV Shows screen on December 28.

One of the things that has the greatest effect on people watching the Wednesday show is the dance the character is performing during the Nunca Mas (Nevermore) Academy event, which was choreographed and created by Jena Ortega herself as the actress who plays her. It is also performed to the tune "Goo Goo Muck" by The Cramps. But, the fans who are on Wednesday as well as TikTok have noticed that the TikTok platform have slightly altered the scene.

In the beginning, we recommend that you revisit the scene to make sure you're hearing all the songs of The Cramps in mind.

Anyone using TikTok is likely to come across this scene at least once (at at) as well as observe their fair share people mimicking this dance. Jena Ortega and Miguelcoles Addams dance. But, in most instances, it's not the Cramps track that is playing, but a different song which is already eleven years old "Bloody Mary" by Lady Gaga.

'Wednesday' breaks viewership record

The motives behind the tiktokers to alter the song's background are not known However, it is understood that the beat and the words of Gaga's track aren't even painted on the screen. Of obviously, "Bloody Mary" is not actually a version of the song however it is an alternative version that has a more fast-paced rhythm.

The trend has reached the point it is Lady Gaga herself has imitated the dance routine of Wednesday Addams, with her own track as the background.

Wednesday The show, a Netflix series, premiered in 2022 and took a big step. The show was able to knock off major productions such as The Witcher, The Orange is the New Black or Stranger Things and broke records. This was by far the highest watched program on the first weekend and just two months after its debut, it was among the most watched in the history of the channel.

The creators now have all the information they need to renew the show for another season. One of the genius minds behind the show has been Tim Burton. Also, the most attractive image in front of it was Jenna Ortega, who obtained the Golden Globe nomination for her part. But, there was an entire team working.

A lover of Netflix's Wednesday created his own space in Animal Crossing

The show's creators Al Gough and Miles Millar were both on the creative side of the show. They both recently made statements about the direction the second season of the show will consist of. In the next episode there will be other characters like Enid (Emma Myers) or Morticia (Catherine Zeta-Jones) and the connection they have with the main character will be explored.

"We are looking to investigate and complicate those relationships in the coming months. The school was shut down at the time they left, giving us the greatest potential for the second season which is something we're eager to explore. We think the show is also about female friendship and friendship, with Wednesday and Enid being at the heart of this. Their ability to actually were able to connect with the public was really satisfying.

We're eager to see what we can discover after Wednesday you've put her toes into the friendship pool. What's the outcome going to be? It's like she was hugging. This was the main storyline of her season, wasn't it? Now that we're doing it. Also, what's particularly interesting is continuing to study the Wednesday-Morticia mother-daughter relationship. It's now is that Morticia is aware of the power, has provided her a glimpse of what the future will be like. How will their relationship be able to develop?" Gough told The Hollywood Reporter.

However the producers will concentrate on the sisterly vibe which is created between the principal characters. This is one of the concepts they strive to build the strongest in the next episodes.

"As Al said, this concept of brotherhood is the most important for the series. We're not ruling any thing out, and obviously the characters are revealed in unexpected ways, which is the great thing about television. It's an organic experience. We have a road map and we'd like routes on that map that can take you in completely unimaginative directions.

"Wednesday" Jenna Ortega reveals everything she shares with her character

We are therefore open to anything. We'd like to explore friendship in all its forms however, we will not be able to do this all the time, which is why the fans lead you to a wrong path and other things It's about being open to seeing the characters and their friendship evolve. As Al stated, this friendship is the key to the vision we have for the show." Millar added. Millar.

The show focuses on the oldest daughter of this particular family, which is why they decided to concentrate on her school life, yet not displacing the character or personality that the main character.

Instead of putting her within the Addams house instead, as was the case in many of the previous adaptations nearly all of the episodes are set in Vermont or inside the fictional city in Jericho and/or at the school for dropouts.

So, the question is regarding the location where the famous and dark home that is the home of family members of the Addams family is situated and was the main focus in different versions.


If you've been paying attention to the smallest specifics that appear in "Wednesday" you will have noticed that the Addams family is from New Jersey. In spite of the fact that New Jersey as the residence of the main characters has not been mentioned in the show and it isn't specifically mentioned in the show where they came from in order to reach Nevermore There is a clue on the car they travel in to the school that reveals their place of origin.

On the Addams license plate for the car On the license plate of the Addams car, we can see that it is the city from which they originate which means we can presume that they live there. Additionally, New Jersey is relatively close to Vermont which allows Wednesday to be taken by carinstead of via plane.


The family's location to be in New Jersey is consistent with earlier adaptations of the tale since they have always lived within The Northeast area within the United States.

In the sitcom of the 1960s The exact location was not known, but certain aspects of the show indicate that it was close to New England.

However, in the 90s films his home is located in the exact location, and it is located in New Jersey. Similar to other adaptations like animation films from the past.


In part the Addams Family is based within New England, due to the Gothic architecture and the history of the area which are in line with the aesthetic of the show. There is a reason that is more personal: the source of the inspiration for the character.

Charles Addams, the illustrator who created this amazing story was born in Westfield, New Jersey, where he grew up . He also was a student at Westfield Senior High School According to.

Netflix is yet to officially reveal its plans regarding what will happen to Wednesday however the creators of the brand new series based on Addams's works are still trying to determine what the next episode of the show might have to offer.

In a recent interview The Hollywood Reporter Al Gough and Miles Millar, the writers and showrunners of the show have stated that for a potential new season Wednesday they'd like to explore the characters' dynamics and the antagonists Morticia along with Enid following the first. cycle.

"We are looking to investigate the relationships that we have with each other and make them more complicated in the coming seasons. The school was shut down after they went away, which gave us the greatest potential for season two, and I'm sure that's one we're really excited to explore," Gough said. "For us we think the show is about female friendships that has Wednesday and Enid being at the heart of it all.

Merlina creators share what they'd like have in the potential second season

It's been gratifying to see that the pair have were able to connect with the public was really satisfying. So, we're looking forward to find out more the future now that Wednesday has taken a dip into the pool of friends What will it appear like? It's like she was hugging. This was the main scene of her season, isn't it? It's the same now we're doing it. What's most interesting is continuing to look into the Wednesday-Morticia mom-daughter relationship. It's now has Morticia has a better understanding of the power, has provided her a glimpse of what it's going be as. What happens to their relationship?.

According to this the creators didn't think it was a good idea to eliminate the possibility that, as viewers would like this storyline about Enid or Wednesday could have a romantic twist. But, Millar and Gough say that the main focus for the story is friendship.

"As Al said, this concept that there is a Sisterhood (between Enid and Wednesday) is the main theme of the show. We're not going rule anything out . Obviously, sometimes the characters are revealed and reveal themselves, which is the best thing about television, it's an organic experience. We have a road map and we'd love to see routes that can take you to surprising directions.

When is Wednesday coming out?

Therefore, we're willing to explore everything. We'd like to explore friendship in every aspect however, this is the time when sometimes you are distracted by fandom and other things like that, and so it's opening up to the possibility of seeing these characters grow and develop as a friendship. As Al stated, this friendship is the key to the kind of story we envision of the show." Gough said.

Wednesday hasn't yet been renewed for a new season, however the show made an excellent debut on Netflix which could serve as an excellent precedent for its future. While its creators are ready to run multiple seasons.

"Well the great thing about television is that it could last for several seasons as we've already done. The other thing that is fun is that the more you watch you discover the world and stories emerge. It's a thing we like doing. And it also creates that unique relationship with your audience who are involved in these characters over many years. Therefore, we'd want to see it continue throughout the time we is possible," Gough concluded.

Return of the Addams Family to television was due to the show that was released on Netflix named Wednesday and which features Jenna Ortega, who plays the daughter in the Addams Family. Morticia as well as Gomez Addams.

The show is a coming-of-age-mystery comedy that is centered on Wednesday Addams and her time as high school students in the school of Nevermore Academy, where she is determined in harnessing her psychic abilities and stop a massive murder spree that has afflicted town residents and resolve the mystery of the supernatural that plagued his family while dealing with his new friends.

What is Wednesday about?

The show, where Tim Burton made his directorial debut on a TV show was met with mixed opinions from those who praise the effort and those who feel the show could have accomplished better.

The show is "Wednesday", a dark comedy written by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar The public is also able to take in the other famous Addams Family characters (The Addams Family) in a fresh version. The Netflix production is comprised of 8 chapters and is available since November 23, 2012 on the streaming service.

There are many questions that have surfaced regarding an adaptation that is being made of the Addams family is the fact that the Netflix series has the title on the English in the form of "Wednesday", but in Spanish it's known as Merlina for Latin America and Wednesday in Spain. What's this all about? We will explain it to you.

The newest Netflix show focused on family members of the Addams family is known as "Wednesday", but in the majority of languages spoken by Spanish in Latin American countries it does not use the literal translation of its title "Wednesday", but is known as "Merlina".

It is because the actors who produced their Spanish transcription of initial episodes that were part of the Addams family decided to alter some of the character names. This is the way we witness that in "Los Locos Addams" series that aired from 1964 to 1966.

When is Wednesday coming?

Also in the famous portrayal that starred Christina Ricci as Merlina in the 90's film industry, following being the very first to adapt The Addams family to the screen.

As SensaCine states, at the time, dubbing regulations were not as clearly defined and were not as stringent and the people who were responsible for doing the dubbing were free to alter names and other things according to what they liked.

This is the way that Merlina Addams appeared as the main character in "Los Locos Addams".

The names of other characters were also changed to the Spanish versions: Tio Fester as Tio Lucas, Gomez Addams as Homer Addams, Pugsley Addams as Pericles or La Cosa as Dedos.

"Merlina" in other countries

The name"Merlina Addams" was chosen as it's not popular and sounds very similar. In other countries, the name isn't Merlina also.

For instance In Spain the name given to"the" Addams daughter's can be "Wednesday". In Brazil she's referred to as "Wandinha".


"Merlina" has been available on Netflix since the 23rd of November 2022. Therefore, to watch the new show all you require is an account with the well-known streaming service.

Pericles (Pugsley to be precise in English) was Merlina's older brother on The Addams Family adaptations. Although , in the past, there was a prominent part but the episode "Wednesday" he only appeared in a few scenes from"Wednesday," a Netflix series.

The iconic character was developed by Charles Addams just like his sister the character is a sly and smart boy. He was as played in the role of Ken Weatherwax in the 1961 TV show and also by Jimmy Workman in the 1990s movie.

In this updated model, Isaac Ordonez is in charge of bringing life to the character who first was seen in the very first show "Wednesday", where he was protected by Merlina from the school bullies. The young girl was punished with her expulsion, and she was transferred in her new school, the Nunca Mas Academy ("Nevermore" in English).

Despite the issues Pericles was facing (although we don't believe the issues he was facing affected him as much, considering the the character) They decided that Pericles wouldn't accompany his sister to her new school. The next step is to explain why.

The reason Pericles was not a student at The Nevermore Academy may be due to his status as a privileged student. In "Wednesday", it has been stated that the school is extremely exclusive and doesn't allow anyone to be admitted.

Additionally, we've seen that not all children in a family go to school, which is the situation for Enid with her parents. This was also stated in the words of Uncle Fester, who said that only Gomez was able to go to school.

Merlina is a highly talented student with psychic abilities. She is also the oldest student daughter. Her parents were former classmates. However, we don't believe that her abilities are connected to it, because the protagonist did not mention that she began to have visions.

However it could be the case that Pericles isn't old enough to get into the school because we noticed that all students at Nunca Mas were in high school.

The character that is famous was created by Charles Addams just like his sister He is a playful and clever young man. He was previously performed in the role of Ken Weatherwax in the 1961 television show, and in the film by Jimmy Workman in the 1990s movie.

In the latest model, Isaac Ordonez is in charge of bringing life to the character who first made an appearance in the premiere episode "Wednesday", where he was protected by Merlina from the school bullies. The young girl was punished with her expulsion and a transfer into Nunca Mas Academy. Nunca Mas Academy ("Nevermore" in English).

Despite the challenges Pericles faced (although we don't believe the issues he was facing affected him too much given the nature of his character) the family decided Pericles wouldn't accompany his sister to her new school. We will then try to explain why.


The reason Pericles did not attend The Nevermore Academy may be due to his status as a privileged student. In "Wednesday", it has been stated that the school is highly famous and does not permit anyone to be admitted.

We have also observed that not all children of a household are enrolled in school, as was the situation in the case of Enid as well as her entire family. This was also stated in the words of Uncle Fester, who said that only Gomez was able to be a student.

Merlina is an extremely smart student, possessing psychic abilities. She is also the eldest student daughter. Her parents were former classmates. We do not believe that her abilities are connected to it, because the protagonist did not mention that she began to have visions.

However it could be the case that Pericles is not mature enough to be able to join the school, as we observed that all students at Nunca Mas were high school.


As of now, Pericles hasn't shown any indications of strength, however, this could be due to the fact that he isn't an age that is yet. His sister told him that she started to experience visions as early as 15 and Pericles could be able to develop them during the next seasons.

Up until last week, Wednesday was the third most watched English-language program in Netflix history due to lower views as Stranger Things 4 and Monster -The Jeffrey Dahmer the Jeffrey Dahmer Story. On Tuesday, Netflix confirmed that the show that was inspired by Los Locos Addams surpassed the controversial series created by Ryan Murphy about the murderer Jeffrey Dahmer.

"In its third week, Wednesday has already surpassed 1 billion hours watched and climbed to #2 on the most popular English-language TV list!" Netflix stated.

Remember that, according to Netflix statistics, Monster -- Dahmer the Jeffrey Dahmer Story racked up 856.2 million hours of viewing in the first 28 days of its debut at the service. So, even though the streaming service has not disclosed the exact amount Wednesday has recently achieved the show developed by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar is just second in Stranger Things 4, which was watched by 1.350 billion people within its first 28 days.

Wednesday was first aired on Netflix on the 23rd of November which means it has some time to surpass or surpass that of the Stranger Things brand. While the show is not yet renewed for a second season however, its impressive performance suggests a positive outcome.

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